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1 My sister likes Italian food very much, but I don't like _____________
2 Jack's parents are kind people, but _____________ aren't very rich.
3 Are you going _____________ a party on your next birthday?
4 Her car is new and modern, but _____________ is very fast.
5 I am reading a very interesting book _____________.
6 We don't go to the gym _____________ .
7 Do you like going on holidays _____________ ?
8 What time did you _____________ home yesterday?
9 _____________ you agree that we should love people around us?
10 She _____________ drinks any alcohol at all.
11 Did your husband change _____________ job last month?
12 I really needed money, so I had to _____________ my new car.
13 My uncle can read and speak _____________ very well.
14 What time is the meeting? - It's at _____________.
15 What do you think about _____________ house over there?
16 You _____________ clean your car. It's so dirty!
17 We _____________ buy any more sugar. There's a lot at home.
18 This is _____________ photo of my Italian girlfriend.
19 You look tired. Can I make you _____________ tea?
20 Are you _____________ Tom tomorrow?
21 It _____________ outside. Take your umbrella with you!
22 When _____________ Peter come from Dublin?
23 I'm looking _____________ to seeing my friend next week.
24 She thinks all Spanish men look _____________ Antonio Banderas!
25 I'm looking _____________ my coat. Have you seen it?
26 The Stephenson factory was closed seven years _____________.
27 I'm sorry, but you _____________ park your car here.
28 My hair is _____________ than my sister's.
29 She's been in Israel _____________ 2005 and she loves it here.
30 Okay, okay, I _____________ to your party tomorrow.
31 I'm going to call you as soon as _____________ home.
32 Stop _____________ so lazy. Go find a decent job!
33 We _____________ in this town for 5 years, and we like it so much in here.
34 My boss stopped me while I _____________ the office after the working day.
35 Last time I _____________ to Joss was 2 days ago in the gym.
36 She said she _____________ him before that party.
37 No, I didn't tell you that _____________ for you at the subway station.
38 The car stopped because I had run _____________ of petrol.
39 She apologised _____________ being 20 min late.
40 She had brought _____________ a family of 5 healthy children.
41 What does your boss do if you _____________ late for work?
42 Only if we _____________ house, we'll be able to get you a dog, Jackie.
43 Whenever you call me tomorrow, I _____________ at home.
44 What if we _____________ our mind, would you be ready to talk?
45 Had it not been for you, I _____________ died in that accident.
46 If you'd done better at English at school, we _____________ pay for private teachers now.
47 This famous shopping mall _____________ in 2010 after a solemn ceremony.
48 I have to get around by public transport, since my car _____________.
49 In some countries _____________ no snow in the winter.
50 In our country very _____________ people travel abroad every year.
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