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Happy New Year! Наш подарок любителям английского языка

И в преддверии волшебного праздника мы решили устроить для Вас небольшой сюрприз, а именно: праздничное задание для всех, кто любит английский язык и Новый год! Ниже мы подготовили небольшой рассказ Люси Уилок, который называется «Легенда рождественской ёлки». Просто вставьте в пробелы следующие пропущенные слова по смыслу: Knock, hungry, cold, golden, music, happiness, fire, harps, supper, child.
И если Вы пришлите правильный ответ до 13 января 2017 года, то весь следующий год Вас ждет скидка 50% на любой наш тренинг*!
С наступающим, ура!

«The Legend of the Christmas Tree» 

Two little children were sitting by the (1) __________ one cold winter's night. All at once they heard a timid (2) __________ at the door, and one ran to open it.

There, outside in the cold and the darkness, stood a (3) ___________ with no shoes upon his feet and clad in thin, ragged garments. He was shivering with (4) _________, and he asked to come in and warm himself.

"Yes, come," cried both the children; "you shall have our place by the fire. Come in!"

They drew the little stranger to their warm seat and shared their (5) __________ with him, and gave him their bed, while they slept on a hard bench.

In the night they were awakened by strains of sweet (6) __________ and, looking out, they saw a band of children in shining garments approaching the house. They were playing on golden (7) ___________, and the air was full of melody.

Suddenly the Stranger Child stood before them; no longer cold and ragged, but clad in silvery light.

His soft voice said: "I was cold and you took Me in. I was (8) _________, and you fed Me. I was tired, and you gave Me your bed. I am the Christ Child, wandering through the world to bring peace and (9) ____________ to all good children. As you have given to Me, so may this tree every year give rich fruit to you."

So saying, He broke a branch from the fir tree that grew near the door, and He planted it in the ground and disappeared. But the branch grew into a great tree, and every year it bore wonderful (10) __________ fruit for the kind children.

*Скидка распространяется только на один городской тренинг.

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